Below is a list of resources related to later abortion access and education. These resources can also be found listed at the end of the credits in SOMEONE YOU KNOW.

Download our DISCUSSION GUIDE ON LATER ABORTION, created in partnership with This guide offers helpful talking points and is a great accompaniment for a virtual Q&A session after a screening of ‘Someone You Know’, or to hand out at an in-person event. is a people-centered resource for understanding abortions later in pregnancy. Sometimes people need abortion care later in pregnancy. Abortion bans that prohibit abortion care based on how far along someone is in their pregnancy cause real harm. But when abortion seekers are able to get the care they need, they and their families thrive.

WhoNotWhen is a project of Patient Forward and developed by and with people who have sought abortions later in pregnancy. The information on this site draws heavily from careful, thoughtful research by people at ANSIRH and Guttmacher. This research is grounded in the lived experiences of later abortion seekers.

We Testify

We Testify is an organization dedicated to the leadership and representation of people who have abortions, increasing the spectrum of abortion storytellers in the public sphere, and shifting the way the media understands the context and complexity of accessing abortion care.

We Testify invests in abortion storytellers to elevate their voices and expertise, particularly those of color, those from rural and conservative communities, those who are queer-identified, those with varying abilities and citizenship statuses, and those who needed support when navigating barriers while accessing abortion care.

Brigid Alliance

The Brigid Alliance is a referral-based service that provides logistical support for people seeking abortions. We prioritize clients beyond 15 weeks of pregnancy for whom it’s generally more expensive and harder to find a provider near home. We are part of an ecosystem of support organizations that is propping up abortion care access in this country in an increasingly hostile environment.

The Brigid Alliance supports people who must travel long distances for abortion care. Working across the United States, we arrange and fund confidential travel, lodging, childcare, and logistical assistance, closing the gap between the need for an abortion and the ability to access one.

All Options Talkline

All-Options (formerly Backline) uses direct service and social change strategies to promote unconditional, judgment-free support for people in all of their decisions, feelings, and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. We recognize that these issues are complex, but one thing is certain: Everyone deserves to have all options!

All-Options imagines a future where all people are supported in making the reproductive decisions that are best for their lives, without coercion or limitation, and where the dignity of lived experiences is affirmed and honored.

Repros Fight Back

Abortions later in pregnancy occur for a variety of reasons, and the later in pregnancy an abortion is needed, the more barriers patients face in accessing care.

In this episode of Repros Fight Back, Dr. Diane Horvath, OBGYN & Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Partners in Abortion Care, tells host Jennie Wetter about the truths and misconceptions about later abortions. 

Access Podcast

In this episode of Access: A Podcast About Abortion, hosted by Consultant on SOMEONE YOU KNOW Garnet Henderson, listeners get to hear from people who’ve had later abortions in their own words.

Abortion storytelling is powerful, and when people who have had later abortions choose to share their stories, it can help dismantle myths and misinformation.